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Years of Experience with Machine Control

Our engineers at AMPS Industrial Controls are experts at control system design so we know what it takes electrically to make your machine operate mechanically. Contact us to discuss your application if you have a great machine but you need help with the electrical control system.

We know how to interface with your motors, solenoids, valves, sensors, switches and other peripheral equipment. In fact, we’ve been designing PLC-based machine controls for many years and probably have experience in your particular industry.

Most of our systems today incorporate a cost-effective PLC and HMI so we can adapt to the changes you’ll invariably need. We can provide the programming service if you need it, as well. These PLC-based systems use the latest technology to keep you on the cutting edge. Data logging, text messaging to/from your machine, web server capability for monitoring and controlling the machine remotely over the internet, automatically generated emails and many other features can easily be integrated into your machine controls.

We have extensive experience working with machines that fit into any of the following categories:

  • Machine Controls for Small Equipment
  • Machine Controls for Portable Equipment
  • Machine Controls for Light Industry
  • Machine Controls for Heavy Industry
  • Machine Controls for Medical Equipment
  • Machine Controls for Commercial Equipment

Many of our systems are utilizing wireless control. It is very expensive to run conduit and cables in factories. Portable machines need controls that can be operated via remote controls and keyfobs. We specialize in wireless controls and we would be happy to discuss your application to determine if wireless features would be possible for you.

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