Westermo’s RM-240 working with the Unitronics V570

Custer Quarry Project – RM-240, V570 & multiple V350s Integrated in the control system

AMPS is working with Speiser Electric Company and Gerken Paving Products to update the entire control system running the stone quarry in Custer, Ohio. This is a big project because a huge section of conveyor and crusher are being added to the existing equipment.


Since the work needed is extensive, they have decided to take the opportunity to update all the controls and add wireless communication between each PLC in the quarry. One central PLC with color touch-screen will have the ability to control all the others.

I’m writing this short post simply to point out how nice the RM-240 wireless Ethernet devices from Westermo have been to work with. These things will do just about anything. They give you wireless Ethernet and serial communication and they are a wireless hot spot, too. They’re a breeze to set up. Just connect to them using the WiFi connection on your laptop and make sure the settings are right for your application. In my case (connecting one V570 and two V350s using Modbus IP) it was just a matter of configuring one RM-240 as an access point and the other two as clients, then give them all a matching SSID and IP addresses that I choose. Simple. Two minutes apiece and I have a fully customized wireless Ethernet network. On site we’ll add the high powered antennas and we should be up and running with minimal downtime.

Our panel shop is busy building the electrical control panels so I need to make some major progress on the PLC/HMI programming tonight or else this control system won’t do anyone any good. Start-up is scheduled for November 29…