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VFD from Unitronics – Moving your Control Forward

AMPS has been an evangelist for Unitronics for about 15 years. We were early adopters here in North America and that has proven to be a great a decision. Their wide range of PLCs with integrated HMI has been the foundation for many successful products and many happy customers. Now, there is a Unitronics VFD.

They have recently introduced a line of VFDs which integrates seamlessly with their PLC.

Unitronics VFD AC Drive

We can help you select the best model for your application. We can also help you design a complete control system that integrates the Unitronics VFD with the PLC.

This integrated concept allows you to:

  • Obtain your VFDs, PLC + HMI controllers and related components from a single supplier.
  • Operate your VFD directly from the controller’s HMI panel
  • Use the same programming software as the PLC control and HMI application to
    • Set up and configure multiple VFDs
    • Monitor and debug your Unitronics VFD either via UniLogic or Scope Trace
    • Remotely access your Unitronics VFD via UniLogic, web server or VNC

Unitronics VFD (Variable Frequency Drive)AC Drive VFD Unitronics

Variable frequency drives (VFDs) — also called inverters — optimize machine performance, save energy and lower machine life cycle costs across a range of applications.

The Unitronics AC drive offers options for both single and three-phase from 1/2 Hp up to 150 Hp.

These AC drives from Unitronics include other features:

  • Built-in EMC filters
  • Multiple mounting options – wall, flange, DIN rail
  • Sensorless vector and torque control
  • STO – Safe Torque Off
  • Built-in braking units
  • Remote access, monitor and debug your VFD via Scope Trace

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Contact us for help choosing the right Unitronics VFD. We can help you integrate with your PLC or a Unitronics PLC. We’ll be happy to discuss your application and help you make the right choice.

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