Unitronics Releases VisiLogic 8.6.3

//Unitronics Releases VisiLogic 8.6.3

Unitronics Releases VisiLogic 8.6.3

Free PLC/HMI Programming Software

Use VisiLogic™ to program the brand new Vision 560 (V560-T25B).

Unitronics just released a new version of its popular VisiLogic programming software. VisiLogic 8.6.3, like all the other software packages from Unitronics, is FREE and can be downloaded here.

It is a powerful programming tool for all the Vision controllers. This includes the new Vision 560 (V560) PLC with high-resolution, color touch-screen.

There are many benefits to using a Vision controller with VisiLogic.

  • Having one programming environment for both PLC and HMI simplifies everything
  • Powerful features like vector operations, floating point math, trig functions and logic operations
  • Function blocks are included: Autotune PID, PWM, High-Speed Counters, GPRS
  • Communications options: Modbus, CANbus, TCP/IP, RS232/485
  • Advanced features: Send/Receive SMS and email, act as a web server, graphical trending
  • Built-in Alarm features
  • Data tables for recipe storage and data collection
  • SD card for backing up the application and operating system, saving trends and other data, recipe storage, etc.
  • Strings library for switching languages instantly on the HMI
  • Free software – Even before you purchase a controller, you can download VisiLogic

We have experienced programmers here to help you, as well. AMPS can help get you started if you want to handle the programming yourself or we can work with you to develop the perfect program for your application.

We offer training courses from time-to-time. Contact us to schedule training at your facility or ours.

Remember, AMPS can take care of the programming for you if you’d like. We design control systems and electrical control panels that use Vision controllers from Unitronics and program with this latest version of VisiLogic.

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