Unitronics has released the new I/O Expansion Module Adapter, the EX-A2X. The new adaptor is based on the EX-A1, but offers important new features.

The new features include an isolated communication port for additional security, the ability to place remote I/O up to 20m away from the Unitronics PLC/HMI, and status LED indication.

This gives you the flexibility of installing the PLC in different cabinet located at a different place on the machine from the I/O which can simplify wiring.

Communication cables to link between the EX-A2X and the Unitronics controller are available from AMPS Industrial Controls. These may be identified by the prefix EXL; for example the EXL-CAB050 which is 0.5m in length.

This new expansion IO adapter is now available from AMPS Industrial Controls.

The EX-A2X is a great addition to the ever-increasing family of Vision production from Unitronics. In recent months, they have added the V1040 and V560, as well. All of these can be purchased from AMPS for use on your machine controls or in the control system design of your electrical control panel.