Unitronics launched a new product this week. UniStream Remote I/O! AMPS is excited to carry this new product and offer it to customers at a great price with the best support of any Unitronics distributor in the USA.

Remote I/O for UniStream is a product we have been hoping for as it’s a very powerful tool in many industrial automation applications.

UniStream Remote I/O

UniStream Remote I/O greatly expands the reach of UniStream, the awared-winning PLC + HMI controller series. Please read this article for an in-depth explanation of why UniStream is our top recommendation for PLC and HMI. This new line comprises an Ethernet-based Remote I/O adapter and a broad range of Remote I/O modules, each offering a different configuration of analog and digital I/O.

A single UniStream Remote I/O adapter can support up to 63 I/O modules. Each adapter comprises two Ethernet ports. This enables users to link an adapter to a controller and then daisy-chain adapters to support up to 8 adapters per controller which greatly increases the total number of I/Os supported by a single UniStream.

I/O configuration is easy. Users simply drag & drop the selected module to add it to the hardware configuration in UniLogic, the all-in-one programming environment.

UniStream Remote I/O is a powerful addition to the UniStream series, which supports Industry 4.0 via features such as:

  • MQTT
  • VNC
  • FTP
  • Web server
  • Email and text messaging
  • SQL client

Other benefits include:

  • Auto-tuned PID
  • Data logging
  • Data tables and recipes
  • Sample data and display it via built-in trends and gauges
  • Alarms
  • Multi-level passwords
  • Video + RTSP
  • Plug & play communications for CANopen, CAN Layer2, MODBUS, EtherNet/IP and more.


Contact us to discuss how Remote I/O can simplify wiring and installation of your OEM machinery.