Unitronics recently sent us this list of reasons to consider their product. We’ve discussed most of these points on other occasions but they seem worth repeating because of how applicable they are to so many of our customers. The Vision series, in particular, is really a great product for a wide variety of applications. AMPS has extensive experience integrating them into control systems and machine controls. We would like to highlight point number four, also, as it is especially important to our OEM customers.


  1. FREE SOFTWARE: There is no added cost for our programming software. It is always available free from the website (www.unitronics.com). Download it now and try it out!
  2. FREE SUPPORT: The best support in the market is given completely free of charge! No added cost or service contract is needed for our technical support. With a technical department in the U.S. and in Israel, support is readily available. We also provide ‘webinars’ for continued learning at no extra charge.
  3. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE: Unitronics prides itself on being the easiest and most flexible manufacturer to work with. Continuous feedback from Customers and Distributors confirms this statement.
  4. PRICE ADVANTAGE: On a price-per-point-of-I/O basis, Unitronics is the best dollar value in the PLC/HMI market. Eliminating excessive costs to OEMs helps make their machinery more profitable.
  5. ALL-IN-ONE: We offer a wide variety of PLCs with touchscreen HMIs up to 12.1” along with many analog and digital I/O capabilities. Integrating the PLC, I/O and HMI in a compact package helps with applications that have space constraints. In addition, there is no need to program and wire the PLC to the HMI- this is already done! Convenient mounting options include DIN Rail or Panel mounting. Our broad product line is capable of addressing both small and large configurations. We can cover your needs for just about any application!
  6. EASY OF USE & CONNECTIVITY: Unitronics offers built in support for multiple communication options and easy to use configuration utilities. Protocols include Modbus RTU/IP, UniCAN, ASCII, CANopen, J1939, TCP/UDP, and built-in Webserver.
  7. FUNCTION BLOCKS: A large function block library makes for a simplified implementation of even the most complex tasks.
  8. INTUITIVE SOFTWARE: Unitronics VisiLogic software is very easy to learn and use. Integrating many different function blocks and communications options with the HMI in the same piece of software makes project implementation very efficient and quick. Having the ability to directly access memory at each level allows the VisiLogic user to save time, work and complexity.
  9. REMOTE ACCESS & WIRELESS MONITORING: Unitronics offers free remote access and built-in monitoring functionality. Communication over the local network, the internet, cellular modem, or SMS makes it easy to connect to the controller over many different platforms. Additional free utilities include: DataXport, UniOPC server, UniDDE server, UniDownload Manager, UniDownloader, UniVision Licensing, SD Card Suite, and .NET communication driver.
  10. DATA LOGGING: Custom data tables can be built for data logging, data access and recipe storage. SD Card support offers almost unlimited data storage and logging to applications. Creating trends on the HMI is also simple, using the trends utility. Up to 64 curves can be displayed.
  11. BROAD PRODUCT LINE: Unitronics offers a wide variety of PLCs with various HMI screen sizes and I/O combinations- you will find the right “fit” in our product range for any application.