Temperature Control Panels for Craft Beer Fermentation

AMPS builds custom temperature control panels for craft breweries all over the United States. Everyone in the industry knows nothing is more important for overall quality than temperature control during fermentation. Everyone still wants an inexpensive solution, though and our cellar temperature control panels are both cost effective and high in quality.

We use true NEMA and UL rated enclosures. You have water in your brewery, right? You need a UL Type 4X enclosure and that’s what we use.

There are lots of cheap temperature controls out there but they’re garbage. We don’t use those. Instead, we use rugged industrial temperature controls.

The components inside the panel matter, too, and we use high quality, industrial components. This is our standard practice in every control panel we build.

Fermentation Temperature Control Panels

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Features include:

  • Simple controls
  • Tri-color LED display indicates deviation from setpoint
  • Interface relays for valve operation (prolongs life of controllers)
  • Capable of controlling solenoid or actuated ball valves
  • Lighted off/on switches for each tank
  • Available in 24 V and 120 V AC versions
  • UL508A listed
  • Fuses
  • Terminals for your connections

Temperature control panel

Don’t sacrifice quality just to save a few dollars. These control panels are cost-effective and reliable. Give us a call or drop us a note so we can help you get started. We’ll direct you to the best sales rep around.