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The V1040 from Unitronics is Here

V1040 | 10.4? High-Res Color Touch-Screen from Unitronics We’ve told you it was coming but now the V1040 is here. After much anticipation, it’s on my desk. We’ll have a few more available to sell late next week and AMPS is accepting orders right now. Call or email for a quote. The Vision [...]

ABB VFDs – ACS310 Available in Single-Phase

We’ve long been promoting Variable-Speed Drives from the ABB ACS family. Now the ACS310 products are available with single-phase input. ACS310 is a series of drives specifically designed for variable torque applications such as pumps and fans. The specific design includes a powerful set [...]


Monitoring Cold Storage with a Data Logger

Refrigerators and freezers are relied on to keep food product safe for consumption. When these systems fail, temperature monitoring records are crucial for determining health risk and preventing inventory shrinkage. What is needed is 24/7 monitoring that does not rely on infrastructure s [...]


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