Motor Contactors

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AMPS carries full lines of contactors from Sprecher + Schuh and Lovato Electric. These are IEC motor contactors with high performance and reliability. Coveres tiny motors up through 900 Hp. AMPS offers application assistance and can help you determine the best contactor to meet your needs. We can also design and build custom solutions such as enclosed motor start panels.

Starting At: $50


– CA7 series from Sprecher + Schuh (Rockwell) covers up to 75Hp
– CA8 series from Sprecher + Schuh (Rockwell) is a miniature version covering up to 7.5Hp
– CA9 series from Sprecher + Schuh (Rockwell) covers demanding applications up to 900Hp
– BG series from Lovato Electric is a cost-effective miniature contactor
– BF series from Lovato Electric is a robust, reliable general purpose contactor
– Available with AC or DC coils
– Available in 3-pole and 4-pole
– Full range of accessories is available including auxiliary contacts, mechanical interlocks, overload relays, etc
– Reversible coils for group installations
– Dual cage clamps on larger units
– Compact, low-profile design with as little as 45mm width
– Large units are available with universal electronic AC/DC doil
– UL and CSA listed

Why do business with AMPS?

AMPS has excellent inventory of over 1,000 items. We can help you choose the right size, style, features, etc. for your application.