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AC Drive by KB Electronics Available from AMPS

AC Drives, Motor Control, Products, VFDs|

Now stocking KBG Series AC Drive AMPS is now stocking the KBG2 and KBG3 AC Drive from KB Electronics. This is a full-featured VFD (variable frequency drive) with lots of communication and safety features. We can help you integrate with a PLC, monitor remotely and log data. These VFDs are [...]

Brewing Wastewater Controls Project at Brewdog, Columbus

Craft Brewing, Projects, Water & Wastewater|

Craft Brewing Wastewater Controls Craft brewers have challenges when it comes to treating their brewing wastewater. AMPS Industrial Controls recently designed and built a control system to help Brewdog in Columbus, Ohio treat and dispose of theirs. Brewdog in Columbus Wastewater Contro [...]

Asphalt Plant Control System


Electrical Control Panel for Local Asphalt Plant AMPS Industrial Controls Corp designs and builds control panels for a wide variety of industries but, like most companies, we have a handful of markets where we’ve focused more energy than others. Because we’ve had a very good, long-term r [...]

Lighting Control Panel


Electrical Ballast Lighting Control Panel It’s very common for new customers to find us via the good old world wide web. These customers are usually out of town (out of the Toledo, Ohio area, that is) so we hammer out all the details through phone and email conversations. This month one [...]

The Many Advantages of Unitronics

Industry News|

Unitronics recently sent us this list of reasons to consider their product. We’ve discussed most of these points on other occasions but they seem worth repeating because of how applicable they are to so many of our customers. The Vision series, in particular, is really a great product fo [...]

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