We are always excited to pass on information about a new product from Unitronics. In this case, though, we’re particularly excited to announce that the Vision line of OPLCs now has a high-resolution color touch-screen. It’s the Vision 560.


AMPS has emphasized to Unitronics for years their need to improve upon the 256-color capability offered in the V350 and V570. Now, with this 5.7?, 16-bit TFT display we can offer over 65,000 colors! The model number is V560-T25B.

This new model is built around the V570 platform but is housed in what’s more like a V280 case. You’ll notice the function keys, as well. There are 24 of them and they can be custom labeled with slides.

As with all Vision PLCs, the software and programming cable are free. No charge. No cost. No strings. Free.

We consider this to be a very significant advancement in our already diverse PLC lineup. Now we can offer you photo-quality images at an unparalleled cost. The V560 is ideally suited to the OEM market because you don’t sacrifice high-end PLC features for low price. We give you both. What a great alternative to Allen-Bradley and the other big players.

Additional specs include:

  • 12 or 24 VDC input voltage
  • Battery back-up
  • LCD display: TFT
  • Illuminated backlight: White LED
  • Resolution: 320 x 240 QVGA
  • Viewing area: 5.7?
  • Colors: 65,536 (16-bit)
  • Touch indication: Via buzzer
  • Keypad: Displays virtual keyboard when the application requires data entry
  • 24 Programmable function keys
  • 120k of dynamic data in data tables
  • 192k of additional fixed data
  • Up to 1,024 HMI displays
  • Scan time: 9 ?sec per 1k of typical application
  • Removable memory: SD card for storing data logs, alarms, trends, data tables, backup ladder, HMI and OS
  • Send and receive email and SMS
  • Advanced web server capabilities
  • Ethernet and RS232/485 ports
  • I/O options available: supports up to 1024 digital, high-speed and analog

We will have the V560 from Unitronics in stock shortly. Contact us to pre-order yours today.

AMPS can incorporate the V560 into your control system design, electrical control panel or help you make it part of your machine controls. Give us a call to discuss your application.