Monitoring Cold Storage with a Data Logger

//Monitoring Cold Storage with a Data Logger

Monitoring Cold Storage with a Data Logger

Refrigerators and freezers are relied on to keep food product safe for consumption. When these systems fail, temperature monitoring records are crucial for determining health risk and preventing inventory shrinkage.


What is needed is 24/7 monitoring that does not rely on infrastructure such as power or computers to record data. This can also benefit the organization by giving an alert before a loss occurs and provide definitive proof of an incident’s severity to decide whether product is spoiled. A self-contained 10-year battery powered data logger makes this possible with the added benefit of providing a time and date stamped audit trail required by public health departments.

Our SmartReader data loggers from ACR are multi-channel, user configurable data loggers that monitor a variety of parameters. Durability is assured with a 3-year logger warranty and 10-year battery life. It is important to note that on competitive products if the replaceable battery comes loose or dies you will not get data – lost time and effort far outweighs any price difference. The SR has more available memory as a result of using a 8-bit converter which is sampled 4 times every 8 seconds for extra stable readings. When the logging interval is set longer than 8 seconds, the readings are further averaged giving a quantitative result (with the exception of the SR7 when Battery Switch is enabled). Software Packages are purchased separately as they can support more than one device.

These products can be integrated by AMPS into your control system design or electrical control panel, too. Contact us to discuss your application.

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