Interfacing Unitronics Vision Controllers with Tectron Metal Detectors

For the first time, we were out at the Custar Stone Quarry under pleasant weather conditions. Until now, it’s always either been below freezing or raining. Today, however, was quite nice…

Our job was to update the electrical control panels and control system design that we installed late last year at the stone quarry in Custar, Ohio.

The customer has been very pleased with our work but wanted to add a metal detection feature to prevent scrap metal from being dumped into one of their crushers. Crushing equipment can easily pulverize large rocks but, strangely, has a very difficult time with metal. The equipment is very expensive so it makes sense to invest in metal detection equipment and reduce wear on the crusher. Metal detectors from Tectron Engineering Company were chosen for the job.

These metal detectors were very nice and easy to use. They were programmable for sensitivity and time delays and various other features which made the PLC programming changes very simple. In the end, our customer had a nice new feature with minimal down time.

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