AMPS Case Study – Machine Controls & Electrical Control Panel for OEM machine

A couple years ago we designed the PLC/HMI control system for a machine that manufactures seat cushions for the Bombardier Spyder. It was a fun project to work on and things have gone well for our customer since then. They have sold several more machines to Bombardier Recreational Products and AMPS has been grateful for the opportunity to continue building the electrical control panels.

This is a great example of us working with an OEM on machine controls, PLC/HMI programming and fabrication of electrical control panels. You can contact us anytime to discuss your machine or application. I bet we can help you improve your product by upgrading to the latest in PLC and automation technology.

We delivered two more systems this month so it was a great opportunity to shoot a short video:

You can learn more about this machine controls and electrical control panel application here in the case studies section of our website. It was an ideal project for the V350 from Unitronics.