Electrical Ballast Lighting Control Panel


It’s very common for new customers to find us via the good old world wide web. These customers are usually out of town (out of the Toledo, Ohio area, that is) so we hammer out all the details through phone and email conversations. This month one of these new customers came along and they were a real pleasure to work with. Not experts on control panels by any means but that’s why they called us. They knew what they wanted the panel to do but weren’t quite sure how to get there. The end result was a medium-sized, fairly simple but effective control panel. No PLC or HMI in this one. They needed about a dozen operator devices such as switches, to control the lights and a fan to keep the lighting ballasts cool.


As the integrator, we were able to take responsibility for making sure the proper short circuit protection was included, the disconnect switch mechanically interlocked with both doors on the wide, two-door enclosure, the proper contactors were used for the ballast application and several other details others may not understand. Our job was to ensure the customer obtained a cost-effective, safe, well-built control panel.

I would encourage you to do what this new customer did: give us a call to discuss your application. You don’t need to have all your ducks in a row or understand every detail of the project. That’s what we’re here for…

Products features in this panel include:

  • CA7 Contactors from Sprecher + Schuh
  • D7 Pilot devices from Sprecher + Schuh
  • Door interlocked disconnect switch from Lovato Electric
  • Circuit breakers from Altech Corporation
  • Lighting ballasts from Heraeus Noblelight