Inventory on Unitronics Vision Series OPLCs Set to Increase…

Having analyzed our 2010 sales, looking particularly at areas of dynamic growth, we are increasing our inventory of Unitronics products. The increases will be seen mainly in the Vision Series of OPLCs but Snap I/O modules and Expansion I/O modules will also be increased.

2010 was a great year for us, in no small part due to the growth we saw in Unitronics sales. This is nice to see because it comes as a direct result of the strategy of increasing our presence on the web and emphasizing the quality, features and value of the Unitronics products. The control system design and electrical control panels side of the business has also been partly responsible for the growth so it is accurate to say our 2010 sales were balanced very well between standard control system components and electrical control panels.

The Unitronics product line will continue to be one we emphasize in 2011 so we are in the process of ramping up inventory levels. This may take several weeks but shortly we will have a broad representation of V130, V350, V560, V570 and V1040 PLCs along with a good assortment of I/O modules on our shelf. Our goal is to fill orders for our OEM customers directly from our inventory and have all the most common PLCs available even if it’s not one currently used by one of our regular customers.

Unitronics Vision, Jazz and I/O items we will stock include…


  • V130-33-R2
  • V130-33-RA22
  • V130-33-T2
  • V130-33-TA24
  • V350-35-R2
  • V350-35-T2
  • V350-35-TA24
  • V560-T25B
  • V570-57-T20B
  • V1040-T20B
  • V200-18-E1B
  • V200-18-E3XB
  • V200-18-E4XB
  • V200-18-E5B
  • V200-18-E6B
  • EX-A1
  • EX-RC1
  • IO-AI4-AO2
  • IO-ATC8
  • IO-D16A3-RO16
  • IO-D16A3-TO16
  • IO-DI16
  • IO-DI8-RO8
  • IO-DI8-TO8
  • IO-RO16
  • EX-D16A3-RO8
  • EX-D16A3-TO16
  • GSM-KIT-41J
  • V100-17-ET2
  • V200-19-ET1
  • JZ10-11-R16

We hope this helps us meet your needs even better and faster than we did in 2010.