Free PLC/HMI Programming Software & Cables

//Free PLC/HMI Programming Software & Cables

Free PLC/HMI Programming Software & Cables

If you do any business with our company you know that we believe Unitronics is the best value out there in the PLC market. We’ve been an authorized Unitronics distributor for many years.

We’re taking this opportunity to be sure you know that anything you buy from the Vision line of PLCs will come with a free programming cable.


Other PLC companies charge a significant amount for the programming cable. Unitronics, on the other hand, includes one with each Vision-series controller.

Software is free, as well. In fact, it’s not just free with a purchase. It’s free before you even buy a controller. You can download it right now in its fully functioning format. No timeouts and no reminders to purchase. It’s truly free. Other PLC companies charge a fortune for their software.

Feel free to download it and try it out. Call us with your questions, too, because we have a lot of experience programming these things. We’d be happy to help…

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