Energy Saving for Industrial and Commercial Machines & Applications


Clearly energy saving is a hot topic these days. Everyone has come to understand the importance of this issue for both economic and environmental reasons. Every company should employ a strategy for energy optimization and it is necessary to study our control systems in order to avoid wasting energy that is produced.

AMPS Industrial Controls can help you accomplish this by utilizing products from Lovato Electric.

Energy Saving with ADX Series Soft Starters

These soft starter controllers from Lovato allow you to start and stop motors (up to 630kW) by limiting the problems stemming from mechanical wear or current peaks. High current peaks are a major cause for increased energy consumption.

The ADX Soft Start Controllers overcome these problems by supervising the motor starting, limiting inrush current, providing additional motor control (torque boost) and additional protection (over temperature, prolonged starting, etc.) features. They are equipped with programmable starting parameters, configurable digital and analog inputs and outputs. They can also be remotely controlled with software.

AMPS Industrial Controls can provide you with these products at a low cost. We can also build your electrical control panels with ADX Series Soft Starters from Lovato.

Energy Saving with VF Series Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

Using a VFD (also known as a variable speed drive or VSD or inverter) can result in significant energy savings. Many machines and control systems use across-the-line motor starters instead of VFDs and utilize mechanical devices to get the movement they want. This means the motor turns at full speed regardless of demand.

For example, in traditional ventilation systems, airflow is modulated by adjusting a shutter. The motor turns at base speed all the time so the motor draws the same current (and uses the same amount of energy) all the time. It would be better to eliminate the shutter and use a VF Series VFD from Lovato to vary the speed of the motor itself.

Machine Controls from AMPS utilize VFDs whenever appropriate to maximize energy savings and exercise wise energy management. Our control system design team will always help you determine if a VFD will save you energy and money.

Energy Saving with TM Series Programmable Time Relays

These relays from Lovato Electric can ensure that a specific load does not remain active for longer than necessary. The classic example is represented by a lighting system where some zones need to be activated only for the time needed to cross a room.

These relays are intended for very simple applications but AMPS can program a more complex control system using an operator interface and PLC using the Vision line from Unitronics.

Energy Saving with DMG Series Meters

The DMG series includes digital multimeters and power analyzers for energy consumption recording and harmonic distortion control. These can be used to switch control devices on and off. Most importantly, they provide you with information you can use to save energy.

Energy Saving with DCR Power Factor Correction Controllers

In our industrial environments, the excessively high reactive component in our loads can cause problems that result in less efficient power consumption. This is bad for everyone: you, your neighbors, your equipment and the utility company. Furthermore, your utility company can charge you a penalty if they find you to be the cause of an irregular power factor.

To maintain the power factor within your established contract limits, AMPS Industrial Controls can help you select the right controller from Lovato Electric. These controllers are capable of switching capacitor banks to correct this power factor problem right at the source.

Energy Saving with PSL Switching Power Supplies

Almost everyone is using switching power supplies these days but we’ll mention them anyway. They are more energy efficient and cost-effective than linear power supplies and most applications do not demand any of the few advantages that come with a linear supply so why not save money and energy by using a PSL Switching Power Supply?

Sure, you can buy similar products just about anywhere but I bet AMPS can get you a great price and provide great service on one from the PSL series.

As always, give us a call or send us a message anytime to discuss how these products can fit into your machine design or be integrated into your plant. Our application engineers are eager to help…