Energy Management Products from Lovato Electric Can be Purchased through AMPS Industrial Controls.

This is part two of our series on energy management solutions from Lovato Electric. Last week’s installment can be found here. Shorter than last week’s post, this one is on the topic of Warranted Energy Availability. This can be a confusing topic and one that is widely misunderstood.

Warranted Energy Availability

When it is fundamental to warrant the continuity of electric power, an emergency power supply system needs to be made and must intervene when the main line no longer respects the minimum requirements imposed. In these cases, equipment is required to be capable of managing, in an independent way, the transfer of a power supply line to another one and, to be more precise, connect the loads to a standby emergency system whenever required and restore the connection to the main system once critical conditions are resolved and terminated.

Lovato Electric has to primary product lines to help with this:

ATL Series Automatic Transfer Switches

Automatic transfer switch controllers monitor the main power line, switching the load over to a secondary standby line as soon as the minimum requirements of the main one are no longer readily available. In the case when the secondary line is powered by a generating set, the transfer switch controller starts and stops the generator. With software, measurements on both lines can be viewed on a PC and data and events can be collected in printable or exportable tables. Programming of all parameters can be made locally or remotely (by analog or GSM modems).

RG Series Controllers

RG Controllers are capable of several things:

  • Controlling engine starting and stopping.
  • Carrying out the necessary controls and operating whenever alarm conditions take place.
  • Automatic Mains Failur (AMF) function to automatically transfer the load from the main line over to the emergency standby generator.
  • RGK controllers are equipped with a contextual Help key, which gives the user a message to assist with configuration and with understanding alarms.
  • Controllers can be remotely monitored and controlled as if you were directly in front of them.

As you can see the Warranted Energy Availability products from Lovato Electric’s Energy Management line is versatile and powerful. AMPS Industrial Controls can help you select the right components for your application. We can also integrate the products into your existing system or build your control panels to include these products. Just give us a call…