Cut and Strip Wire Services

AMPS can cut and strip wire for you, quickly and consistently.

Just contact us and specify the following:

  • Type of wire
  • Wire color
  • Wire gauge
  • Overall length
  • Strip length
  • Full strip or semi-strip

We’ll cut and strip the wire for you, neatly package it and send it to your door.

This service can save you a lot of time and, most importantly, you’ll get a perfectly consistent cut and strip length.

Perfect for:

  • Machine wire
  • Panel wire
  • Hook-up wire
  • Solid wire
  • Stranded wire
Cut and Strip Wire Service

Wire Stripping Options – Full Strip & Semi-Strip

We have invested in one of the best wire cutting machines in the industry. Our Eubanks wire cutter makes quick work of the job which allows us to offer this service to you at an affordable price. We can cut solid or stranded wire. We can cut wire as small as 26 gauge and as large as 14 gauge, making it a good option for power and control wiring.

Cut and strip wire

We can include your part number and barcode or QR code on the package.