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Posted December 13, 2017 in

Updated Line Card

Automation Products Line Card Take a look at the automation products AMPS is proud to carry: AMPS Line Card We have carefully selected these automation products according to the following criteria: Cost effective compared to comparable products. High quality. These brands and products are well built, even if they are not the most widely recognized names. […]

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Posted June 8, 2012 in

Lighting Control Panel

Electrical Ballast Lighting Control Panel It’s very common for new customers to find us via the good old world wide web. These customers are usually out of town (out of the Toledo, Ohio area, that is) so we hammer out all the details through phone and email conversations. This month one of these new customers […]

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Posted August 9, 2011 in

Protective Covers for Unitronics Vision Controllers

Protective Lexan Covers are Now Available for All Unitronics Vision Controllers Even though the Unitronics Vision controllers are very economical, there’s no sense damaging them when you can now easily apply a durable protective cover. We now offer a self-adhesive Lexan protective film custom cut for each Vision controller from Unitronics. This includes the V130, […]

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Posted March 1, 2011 in

AMPS Now Carries V570-57-T20B-J | Perfect for Food Service

AMPS is offering the latest Vision controller from Unitronics The V570-57-T20B-J is the same controller  as the standard V570-57-T20B with these additional advantages: IP66 Rating It has a fully flat fase plate These features are especially important in the food industry where customers need to have the ability to spray and wipe down the panel without […]

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Posted February 12, 2011 in

Energy Management with Lovato Electric & AMPS Industrial Controls, Part II

Energy Management Products from Lovato Electric Can be Purchased through AMPS Industrial Controls. This is part two of our series on energy management solutions from Lovato Electric. Last week’s installment can be found here. Shorter than last week’s post, this one is on the topic of Warranted Energy Availability. This can be a confusing topic […]

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Posted February 3, 2011 in

Energy Management with Lovato Electric & AMPS Industrial Controls, Part I

Energy Management products from Lovato Electric, Integrated by AMPS This is the first of what we hope to be a helpful, five-part series highlighting the Energy Management products from Lovato Electric. We believe energy management products could be a significant area of growth in North America for both Lovato Electric and AMPS Industrial Controls. Lovato […]

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Posted January 7, 2011 in

Increased Unitronics Inventory for 2011

Inventory on Unitronics Vision Series OPLCs Set to Increase… Having analyzed our 2010 sales, looking particularly at areas of dynamic growth, we are increasing our inventory of Unitronics products. The increases will be seen mainly in the Vision Series of OPLCs but Snap I/O modules and Expansion I/O modules will also be increased. 2010 was […]

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Posted December 8, 2010 in

The V1040 from Unitronics is Here

V1040 | 10.4? High-Res Color Touch-Screen from Unitronics We’ve told you it was coming but now the V1040 is here. After much anticipation, it’s on my desk. We’ll have a few more available to sell late next week and AMPS is accepting orders right now. Call or email for a quote. The Vision1040™ is a […]

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Posted December 1, 2010 in

Perfect Together – Altech TK Enclosures & Terminals

Altech Enclosures & Terminal Blocks can save you money We would like to draw your attention to two product lines from Altech Corp. These two products fit perfectly together and could potentially save significant cost in junction boxes and small industrial control panels. AMPS uses them frequently in the electrical  control panels we build for OEMs. […]

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