Eco-Friendly Inductive Proximity Sensors

As noted today on, Carlo Gavazzi has recently introduced a new line of inductive proximity sensors.

AMPS Industrial Controls has been providing inductive proximity sensors from Carlo Gavazzi for years and we’re happy to see this series has been added.


The ICB Series features a high performance potting material that is made from recycled corn by-product, which features a higher resistance to mechanical stress, thus providing increased reliability, improved stability and a longer sensor lifetime. Another innovation for the new ICB Series is the air-core sensing coil, which replaces traditional ferrites and coils. This new coil has a higher immunity to magnetic fields than traditional coils. The sensor can withstand higher vibration levels and impacts than older inductive proximity sensors because it has no ferrite coil, which is susceptible to cracking. The new ICB Series is available in standard and double distance sensing ranges. The nickel-brass housings are available in long and short barrel lengths. The three-wire sensors are available in your choice of normally opened or closed NPN or PNP outputs. Connection options include a two meter PVC cable or a convenient M12 disconnect plug.

AMPS can get you the best pricing possible on these new inductive prox sensors and help you work them into your machine control design.