Automation Products Line Card

Take a look at the automation products AMPS is proud to carry: AMPS Line Card

We have carefully selected these automation products according to the following criteria:

  • Cost effective compared to comparable products.
  • High quality. These brands and products are well built, even if they are not the most widely recognized names.
  • No junk. You don’t have time for that.
  • Carry appropriate listings such as UL, CSA, CE.
  • They must be unique in some way, solve a problem others have missed, creative solution.

These products are also our first choice when designing and/or building control systems. In fact, almost every control system we’ve built in the past two years has included automation products from our line card. This enables us to provide very cost-effective turnkey systems to our OEM customers.

We have put time and effort into finding great solutions in order to offer you the best product for your money.

Automation Product Lines We Carry

We are convinced Unitronics is the best PLC/HMI all-in-one unit on the market. It has worked very well for over 100 of our customers and we would like to explain how. Contact us to discuss.

PLC + HMI All-in-One, UniStream for high-end machines, Vision for advanced machines, Samba for small machines.

Sprecher + Schuh has been on our line card longer than any other brand. This Rockwell Automation company is top-notch. If we don’t have an item in stock, they almost always do so getting it into your hands can happen quickly.

Contactors, overload relays, starters, motor protection, pilot devices, tower lights and signaling, circuit breakers, DC power supplies. We can help you cross your current products to Sprecher + Schuh.

Techtop is the newest addition to the line card. We have sold quite a few of their electric AC motors already and 100% of our customers have expressed how pleased they are with the cost and quality.

Fibox is an excellent enclosure solution. Polycarbonate enclosures, ABS enclosures, JIC enclosures. Polycarbonate is often an excellent choice for outdoor environments.

AMPS has carried the Finder line for many years. There’s no better value on relays, timers, solid-state relays, fans and filters.

Lovato Electric is a great line for all sorts of automation and control products. Contactors, starters, overload relays, disconnect switches, DC power supplies, phase monitors. We like Lovato because it lets us offer premium quality at the same price as many of the lower quality alternatives.

More automation products are displayed on the line card, as well.

AMPS Automation Products

Automation Products from AMPS