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Wastewater Controls for Cold Storage Facility

Wastewater Controls for Cold Storage AMPS recently completed a control system design, build and installation for a wastewater controls application. We have lots of experience with municipal wastewater and some experience with industrial wastewater but this particular industrial applicati [...]

Brewing Wastewater Controls Project at Brewdog, Columbus

Craft Brewing Wastewater Controls Craft brewers have challenges when it comes to treating their brewing wastewater. AMPS Industrial Controls recently designed and built a control system to help Brewdog in Columbus, Ohio treat and dispose of theirs. Brewdog in Columbus Wastewater Contro [...]

Asphalt Plant Control System

Electrical Control Panel for Local Asphalt Plant AMPS Industrial Controls Corp designs and builds control panels for a wide variety of industries but, like most companies, we have a handful of markets where we’ve focused more energy than others. Because we’ve had a very good, long-term r [...]


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