AMPS Industrial Controls is the Unitronics 2011 Distributor of the Year


We’re told this was awarded based upon:

  • Dedication and hard work promoting Unitronics
  • Diligence in promoting a wide variety of products
  • Thorough understanding of the entire product line
  • Availability of technical support
  • Extensive programming experience
  • Experience applying Unitronics products in a wide range of applications

The following letter accompanied the award:

To the entire AMPS Industrial Controls team, Congratulations! You have been chosen as ‘Unitronics Distributor of the Year’ for 2011. You were chosen because of your dedication and hard work towards promoting Unitronics. Enclosed you will find a small token of our appreciation. Please know that your efforts have not gone unnoticed. You are a pleasure to work with and we look forward to a very successful 2011.

Best regards,

Holly Dillon
Regional Marketing Manager

We also appreciate everyone at Unitronics and their dedication to customer service and providing a high quality product at a competitive price. They’re also continuously working to provide new, cutting-edge products. We’ll continue working to promote the product because we believe it is usually the best solution for our customers and their PLC/HMI control needs.

AMPS has been standing behind the Unitronics Vision PLCs for about ten years and we have designed many control systems around them. Our engineers prefer to program using the VisiLogic platform above any other. We, too, are looking forward to many years working with Unitronics.