AMPS is offering the latest Vision controller from Unitronics


The V570-57-T20B-J is the same controller  as the standard V570-57-T20B with these additional advantages:

  • IP66 Rating
  • It has a fully flat fase plate

These features are especially important in the food industry where customers need to have the ability to spray and wipe down the panel without concerns of bacteria becoming trapped in grooves and crevices.

This is especially beneficial to industries such as Food, where customers need to be able to spray & wipe down the panel without concerns of food being stuck in the grooves.

The V570-57-T20B-J is the same price as the V570-57-T20B and is currently in stock and ready to ship.

Make this new Vision controller from Unitronics part of your electrical control panel, control system design or machine controls. As always, AMPS can help you from start to finish. We’re experts at programming Vision controllers using the free VisiLogic software from Unitronics. AMPS can handle all the programming for you or help get you started if you prefer to have your engineers do the programming.