Unitronics has just released a new version of their VisiLogic programming software. As always, VisiLogic is downloadable anytime, free of charge. This one is known as version 9.0.1 and it has many new features we would like to mention:


  • First, and perhaps most importantly, it supports the new V1040-T20B controller. We’ve been raving about this product fairly regularly and encourage you to buy one right this minute.
  • Supports USB programming (on the V1040 only, for now)
  • 65,000 colors (16-bit) – From VisiLogic 9 on, all images will be 16-bit. However, images in older projects that are opened with this version will remain 8-bit.
  • UniVision Licensing – This new utility helps you to protect your intellectual property. You can create a PLC license number and burn it into a secured, hidden sector in the PLC. You can then use this license in your ladder to control how your program functions.
  • Additional modems now supported – Cinterion MC55i and Sierra Wireless GL61000
  • PTO Functions – You can now easily implement motor control via high-speed outputs on certain Vision 130 and 350 models.

We are already using this software on our new projects and encourage you to use the link above to download it yourself. You can always continue to run previous versions of VisiLogic by using the Version Swapper utility from Unitronics.

As always, AMPS would be happy to help you with your programming. Whether you just need a little help getting started or you would prefer to let us handle all the programming, we would be happy to discuss your application.