AMPS is an authorized distributor for Altech Circuit Breakers. We also understand that selecting the most appropriate one can be confusing. How do you know which UL listing you need? How do you know what trip curve is best for your application?

Hopefully the information in this article will help take some of the mystery out of selecting the right UL-rated circuit breaker…

Cost-effective Altech Circuit Breakers from AMPS

In today’s very competitive marketplace you need reliability, so you need to use circuit breakers that are high quality and technically correct for your application. Altech is a US leader in DIN rail mounted breakers with ratings up to 63A. Only Altech offers DIN rail mounted breakers that meet UL489, UL508 or UL1077 approvals with a short circuit interrupt capacity of up to 10kA. No other manufacturer offers this complete line. This assures you the right product for your application requirements. AMPS can save you money on Altech breakers.

UL508 Circuit Breakers

If your application requires a manual motor controller, Altech is the leading US supplier of UL508 Manual Motor Controllers (MMC). In AC, we offer up to 60A in 1 to 3 poles at 480Y/277VAC. With 6 trip curves, Altech has the largest selection in the industry. This ensures you the selectivity you require for your application designs. Our MMCs have a 10kA short circuit withstand capacity, this is the highest rating in the industry. The AC version is rated up to 60A and is DC?rated in 2 poles up to 80VDC.

UL489 Circuit Breakers

When you need branch circuit protection, Altech offers UL489 Miniature Molded Case Circuit Breakers in both AC and DC voltages. The AC version offers dual voltage rated circuit breakers at 0.2-63A/240VAC and 0.2-32A/480Y/277VAC in 1-3 poles. Altech is the only company that offers a 14kA, 20A C curve single phase breaker at 277V AC. The DC version offers 0.2-63A at 125V (1 pole) and 250V (2 pole).

UL1077 Circuit Breakers

When your application requires supplemental protection for control circuits and on the load side of branch circuit protectors Altech has solutions. We offer a competitive line of AC Supplementary Protectors, up to 63A, in 1 to 3 poles at 480Y/277VAC with a 10kA short circuit withstand rating.

AMPS can help you pick the right trip curve

It’s important to pick the correct trip curve for your application. The wrong trip curve can result in insufficient protection or nuisance tripping. These are both important to avoid.

B-Trip Characteristic

Use for business equipment, wiring protection, lighting, appliances, control circuits and some electronic applications. The B-trip curve gives you relatively long thermal trip delay but low magnetic trip point.

C-Trip Characteristic

Use for lighting, wiring protection, appliances, business equipment and control circuit applications. The C-trip curve gives you relatively long thermal trip delay and medium magnetic trip point.

D-Trip Characteristic

Use for control transformers, power supplies and reactive loads. The D-trip curve gives you relatively long thermal trip delay and very high magnetic trip point.

We hope this helps take the mystery out of circuit breakers. Of course, if you use AMPS to design your control system we can ensure you get the best circuit protection at the best price. If you choose to have us build your electrical control panels, we can work with you and your design team to make sure you get what you need, as well.

Contact us to discuss your application and to get pricing on Altech circuit breakers.