Energy Management products from Lovato Electric, Integrated by AMPS

This is the first of what we hope to be a helpful, five-part series highlighting the Energy Management products from Lovato Electric. We believe energy management products could be a significant area of growth in North America for both Lovato Electric and AMPS Industrial Controls. Lovato has been a significant player in this market in Europe for several years and we would like to help them gain market share in the United States, as well. The posts here will be devoted to 5 topics:

  1. Energy Quality Control
  2. Warranted Energy Availability
  3. Energy Saving
  4. Billing & Control of Power Consumption
  5. Consumption Control of Water, Gas & More

Today, let’s tackle the topic of Energy Quality Control. The monitoring of energy quality is necessary for at least three reasons:

  • Verification that the energy received from the power utility conforms to the minimum requirements for correct operation of equipment.
  • Ensure compliance with EN 50160 requirements for energy quality.
  • Protect loads from eventual problems created or made worse by the mains supply.

The EN 50160 standard defines the characteristics that supply waveforms must have and specifically refers to:

  • Limits of frequency variation related to its rated value
  • Max and min values admissible for the voltage
  • Limits of rapid supply voltage variations (dV/dt)
  • Flicker effects and rms voltage oscillation
  • Voltage interruptions and temporary power loss
  • Asymmetry between phases
  • Harmonic and interharmonic voltages

The energy management products from Lovato Electric are designed to help you monitor and analyze these variables.

Power Quality Analyzers and Digital Multimeters

The range of LOVATO Electric metering instruments is continuously being extended with the release of the new graphic LCD models, DMG 200, DMG 210 and DMG 300. The backlit graphic LCD is capable of providing these modular instruments with extremely clear, intuitive and flexible viewing of all electrical parameters of a system. The very accurate measurements combined with their extreme compactness provide an ideal solution for every type of application. The models are differentiated as follows: – DMG 200 Basic version with 128×80 pixel LCD – DMG 210 Version with built-in RS485 opto-isolated port – DMG 300 Version expandable with up to 3 modules of the EXM series by optic interface. The main measurements are:

  • Voltage: phase, line and system values
  • Current: phase values (neutral current calculated)
  • Power: apparent, active and reactive phase and total values
  • P.F.: Power Factor per phase and total
  • Frequency of measured voltage value
  • HIGH/LOW function: instantaneous measurement and storing of minimum and maximum values of voltage, current, power P.F. and frequency
  • Averaging function
  • Maximum demand of power and current values
  • Voltage and current asymmetry
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD) of voltage and current values
  • Harmonic analysis of voltage and current up to the 31° order for DMG 300 only
  • Energy meters for active, reactive, apparent partial and total values with programmable tariff functions for DMG 300 only
  • Hour counter for programmable total and partial hours
  • Pulse hour counter for general use: pulse counting for water, gas, etc. consumption for DMG 300 with expansion module only.

Expansion Modules for Energy Management Products

We carry expansion modules from Lovato Electric for data and event recording related to power distribution systems with time stamp. We carry expansion modules from Lovato Electric for verification of EN 50160 conformity along with data and event recording with time stamp. We carry expansion modules from Lovato Electric to communicate recorded data to a PC via USB, RS232, RS485, Ethernet and Profibus.

Voltage Monitoring Relays to Complement the Energy Management Products

The PMV type voltage monitoring relays from Lovato Electric (part of the ModuLo series) offer load protection against minimum or maximum voltage and phase sequence, phase loss and asymmetry problems.


They are powered by the voltage to be controlled and have one relay output. The TRMS measures provide for correct relay operation even in presence of high harmonic voltages. The PM relay series include the latest state-of-the-art generation of electronic components and are manufactured with the use of the most recent technological and engineering assembly and control systems available on the market today. General characteristics:

  • Modular housing
  • Module powered by voltage to control 50/60Hz
  • Rated voltage to be controlled Ue: 208…575VAC
  • Relay output, 8A-250VAC (AC1)
  • Green indication LED for power on
  • Red indication LED for function
  • Degree of protection: IP40 on front.

Current Monitoring Relays

The PMA type current monitoring relays from Lovato Electric offer load protection against minimum or maximum current problems.


All relays have auxiliary 24-240VAC/DC supply and have relay outputs. Current measurements are obtained with TRMS values.

General characteristics:

  • Modular version
  • Auxiliary supply voltage: 24-240VAC/DC (50/60Hz for AC)
  • AC/DC input current
  • Direct connection or by CT
  • Unidirectional DC current measurement in TRMS
  • External digital input for inhibition or resetting
  • 1 relay output with 1 changeover contact rated 8A 250VAC in AC1 for PMA20 240 and PMA30 240;
  • 2 relay outputs, each with 1 changeover contact rated 8A 250VAC in AC1 for PMA40 240
  • Green LED indicator for power on
  • Red LED indicators for functions
  • Degree of protection: IP40 on front..

Frequency Monitoring Relays

The PMF type frequency monitoring relays from Lovato Electric offer load protection against minimum or maximum frequency problems.

As people continue to understand the importance of energy management, AMPS will help keep them informed and help integrate these products from Lovato Electric into their machinery and plants. We will help you design your machine controls and build your electrical control panels with energy management in mind.